Friday, 13 June 2008


arrrrrrrrrghghghghgh!!! i'm so excited! for the first time in '08 we'll hear those immortal words:

"big brother house, this is Davina..."

still have no clue who's going... will it be mario for being a bit smarmy, lisa for being ermm butch, steph for not doing well in the task or luke for being the house commentator????

who knows!

what i do know is that i will be dressing for the occasion...


think alaia, think shoulder pads, think STRONG



LA Trash said...

mario to go!!!

kat to win. i want her to be my girlfriend. or my pokemon. either way wins with me.

lilliebe said...

ZEZI!! Please please tell me where you got the wonderful floral dress you were wearing on the June 10th BBLB
this one:

Love the show!! you're fab! xxxxxx

fredbutlerstyle said...

You've been tagged! See here:

kate said...
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kate said...

please tell me where i can get one of those lovely sparkly dangly ringy thingys from that you is rocking at the mo.
love it
lovin your work.

kate x