Thursday, 29 May 2008


there's no denying it.

here's 10 tunes that make me wish i wasn't single

1. ryan leslie ft cassie - addiction
(like crack)
2. slim of 112 ft young joc - so fly
( so much love for badboy right now)
3. chris brown - with you
(my love for him is insurmountable... i hate rihanna so much right now)
4. alicia keys - teenage love affair
(you have to don't you really)
5. mariah carey - bye bye
(she is my absolute favourite of favourites, i know it's wrong but i literally LIVE for her adlibs so i'll never give her up, MC you're still the best... lipo and all)
6. madonna ft kanye west - and the beat goes
(when i first heard this, i played it on repeat for 4 hours straight when i tidied my room - no lie)
7.neyo - closer
(michael jackson eat your heart out)
8. jay sean - ride it
(gotta have a bit of UK love)
9. ciara - click
(she's totally everything i'd wish to be were 14 again p.s. this sounds way too much like fergie's glamourous but i still love it)
10. usher - chivalry
(the KING of rnb, no doubt about it... that warm tone could melt the hardest of hearts)

while i'm at it here's 5 vintage tunes (and let's face it who doesn't love a bit of vintage?)1 that have been doing ALOT for me right now

1. mariah carey ft mobb deep - the roof
2. 112 - dance with me
(god, i love slim's voice... makes me want to kill myself)
3. 112 - peaches & cream
(when this came out i had no idea what it meant... i still don't)
3. 112 ft notorious big - only you
(like i said... so much love for badboy right now)
4. 702 - steelo
(RIP founding member orish)
5. aaliyah - 4 page letter
(unrequited love sucks and don't i know it)



LA Trash said...

u missed off..

Eternal - Crazy.


ZEZI said...


i always hated eternal for their bad weaves.

unbeweavable, unacceptable and unforgivable