Tuesday, 27 May 2008


i'm always getting locked out - me and keys just don't get along, much like my relationship with phones - so i spent the best part of this weekend hoboing it around and one of the things i realised, other than the fact that i LOVE being a hobo, was that i LOVE making lists. after hours of milling around islington willing my keys would fall from the sky or that some heron would fly down with them in it's beak i decided to compensate for my misfortune by indulging one of my most ridiculous whims. stationary.

i am OBSESSED with stationary, the thickness of a nib, the consistency of ink and indeed the density of paper are always the foremost concerns in my whimsical mind. thus, i went to cass art and bought myself a new notebook and a new set of stabilo pens. as well as discovering that i am rather partial to pen 88s (having previously been evangelical about the fact i only use the thicker nibbed pen 68s) i also discovered just how much i love making lists.

over the course of the weekend i whittled away many an hour writing list after list, racking up a grand total of over 30 pages of capricious columns! just think how many preposterous thoughts were swimming around until that fateful day i bought my mnemosyne note book and set them free (36 pages to be precise)... what a release! i think i shall only blog in list format from now on, such is my love for a list.

so to kick things off here is my inaugural list, whilst live on air on Diesel umusic radio with the metros and the 1965 posse (our 3rd and final show), about 10 things i love about tuesday 27th may (start off with the mundane... it can only get more exciting)

1. that i filmed the 197th and final freshly squeezed (channel 4 breakfast show) with grimmy today
2. that grimmy's hair is blonde
3. that my new favourite nail colour (neon orange) co-ordiates perfectly with my new favourite lip colour morange (by mac)
4. menthols with mitzi (the best make-up artist ever, and also the tiniest too - she's 4ft 11!)
5. the caramel toast i had for breakfast this morning from borough market (thanks georgie)
6. the metro's new jungle inspired tune
7. raf daddy's smily face and sick selection (tuuuuuuyyuuuuunes for daaays)
8. the lovely diesel people refuelling me with sausage and mash with a shoal of peas swimming in a sea of gravy.
9. drinking magners on the amersham arms rooftop
10. seeing my lovely nephew ezra's face everytime i look at my phone

aaaaah i love life! we'll still be on air until 7pm tonight so tune in and list me your favourite things too.

big love


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LA Trash said...

this will make you jealous. i say jealous... you wont be. but... the company i work for specialises in office supplies and print... there fore, i am surrounded by a menagery of pens, pads, rulers, you name it.

it is the sex.x